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We are a company specialize in the Wheel/ Rim Repair in Orlando area and some other cities, even out state. Years of experience on the South Florida Market and Thousands of Repair Wheels make us be excellent in what we do!!!We have the most new and accurate wheel repair and refinishing equipment We Repair/Fix the original damaged Wheel or Rim OEM or aftermarket.


We Totally Renew Them, even if the problem is that is Bent, Cracked, Scratched, curb damaged or need to be refinishing or need custom paint, or need to be fill and drill or if need adapters, spacers, center rings, or even if you need a new set of rim.

You don't need to dismount the tire from the rim. We will take care of that for you. We only use the most modern versions of Hunter dismount and remount machines.

And using the Hunter 9700 GSP for wheel balancing, we can test the rim, and tire assembly for road force variation.


At Bent Rim Repair Corp we use hands on approach to repairing aluminum wheels. This sets us apart from most of our competitors.

Most of the time while you wait for your wheel to be fixed or painted we are able to replace your wheel with one in our inventory.


One of the most important reasons to repair your Wheel/Rim is that some aftermarket Wheel/Rim is discontinued; Plus the Wheel repair can be a fraction of the cost of a new rim.

At Bent Rim Repair Corp we have the capability to repair wheels/rims rapidly color match is guaranteed.


We are always ready to advise you on the best solution to your need. It's our pleasure to serve you by warranty our work.

We are able to work up to the wheels size 30.

Time frame to repair wheels can be 1 to 2 hours, other kind of work will take longer time.


We are able to repair wheels that have been damaged through incidents with potholes, curbs damage, rocks, objects in the road, as well as rail road train or damage as a result of accidents with other cars. We are also able to fix/change the appearance of your wheels from something other than the way they were delivered. For example, perhaps you would like wheels painted a different color, or painted with a polished lip. We offer services to assist in nearly every imaginable aspect of wheel refinishing. We can take a painted wheel, and make it have a machine finish.


We are able to do Powder Coating Or we can take your polished wheel and paint the center, and polish the lip. We can do nearly anything you can imagine!!! We fix Pot holes, curb damage impact and salted roads are just a few of the thousands of ways wheels can be damaged. These hazards can cause imbalance, corrosion, out-of-roundness, noise, accelerated tire wear and alignment problems We can repair, fix, straighten, restore and refinish all foreign and domestic wheels to their original showroom condition. We guarantee that the repaired wheel will match the quality and performance of a new wheel.


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